Wendig is my favorite life-coach.

NaNoWriMo is cool and all, but 350 words a day is a lot easier to accomplish than 1,000. Most writers take at least a year to write their book if they take it seriously. Hell, Tolkien spent 30 years writing his back story before he even completed The Lord of the Rings. Chuck Wendig gives would-be-novelists the fool proof method for becoming actual novelists in 1 year’s time. He does this in a hilarious, vulgar, no-nonsense way that anyone with a funny bone can understand.

“Life intrudes upon you. It kicks down the door and stomps all over a writer’s practical aspirations to write. Kids. Dogs. A full-time job. A part-time job. Cleaning. Cooking. Pubic grooming. Xenomorph invasion. Hallucinations. Masturbation. LIQUOR AND MONKEY WRESTLING.” Chuck Wendig

Who doesn’t get distracted by liquor and monkey wrestling?

Wendig is a master of crude imagery that is so hilarious it forces you to keep reading just so you can see what other naughty language comes out of his mouth. Or his fingers… he’s typing.

His plan is completely achievable. It does, however, give many of us a right kick in the ass. He says that any person who doesn’t devote themselves to writing 350 words per day will only ever be “aspiring” and never a real writer. This is something that I agree with completely. 91,000 words in 1 year? Hell yeah!

So if you need a solid laugh, an inspirational kick in the ass, or a new plan for writing that novel that’s been banging against your skull and demanding to be written, take a look at Wendig’s rules for writing. He’ll tell you how to get things done.

This is my writer’s resource for the week. Let’s get going! Who is up for the challenge?

Much love and inspiration,


Click HERE to go to Chuck Wendig’s blog and writing plan:


Writing Prompt #1

 “This is the journey of an aspiring writer. Her ongoing mission: to discover strange new writers, to seek out new poetry and new literature. To write boldly what no woman has written before.”

At least the Trekkies are still reading.

Welcome to Dog Ears & Bookmarks. Each day of the week I will post something different. Some days these posts will be long pieces of writing, other days they will be short assignments. Mondays, for example, will be writing prompt day. I will try very hard to not steal the prompts from the NaNoWriMo page. So bust out your pens, keyboards, tablet and chisel, whatever form of writing you prefer and start a-scribbling.

The purpose of a writing prompt is to test your skills. Writers need to be flexible with their subjects. Whether you are a fiction writer, poet, biographer, or non-fiction enthusiast, you need to be able to write about a variety of subjects. These prompts can be used later in your writing if you find a purpose for them. Who knows? Maybe one of your prompts is the beginning of a juicy new story or an award winning article! Or… maybe it’s dog poop. There’s no way of knowing until you tap your fingers to exhaustion.

I’ll also be writing entries for these prompts, though I won’t be posting them on here for your greedy little eyes to read. However, if you are interested in sharing entries or want help refining your story, please send them to me! I’m looking to boost my proofreading skills in exchange for references! And yes, that is shameless advertising. Everyone needs practice, right? No writer is perfect and everyone has to start somewhere. I’m not ashamed of my lack of experience! So there’s no judging here. Safe circle. And if you do decide to share your writing with me (and I with you), I will not share it with anyone unless I have your permission. I expect the same from anyone I share my writing with! If you share it without my permission and I find out, I shall hunt you down Deadpool style and stick thumbtacks on all your chairs for the rest of your life (because I’m a ninja like that)! Muahahaha.

Back to business. The writing prompt for this week is this:

You are on your way to an important meeting. This meeting can be work related, friend related, anything. It doesn’t matter. On your way there, you discover that your typical driving route is blocked. So instead of turning right for your normal drive, you have to turn left. While you are driving, something unexpected happens.

Write as much as you can! I’ll see you next week with your prompts!

Much love and inspiration,