What is DE&B?

“This is the journey of an aspiring writer. Her ongoing mission: to discover strange new writers, to seek out new poetry and new literature. To write boldly what no woman has written before.”

THAT is more or less my mission. On here, I plan to write everyday about a number of different things. My father claims that is impossible and that I don’t have time for such nonsense (paraphrased by my young adult ears). I love it when people tell me things are impossible.

Journals are nice, but I am tired of writing without a purpose. If you’d like to join me in my writing, reading, and literary educational journey, then check in every day for a new post.

Monday is writing prompt day. I will have a writing prompt for every week. I’ve never written writing prompts before, so this should be very interesting. In the case that I use a prompt from an outside source, I’ll be sure to point you in the proper direction. Don’t worry, I’ll be doing these prompts as well. So if things get too difficult, then I will be aware. I would love to see your writing! Send your work to sarah.swindall@gmail.com with the subject heading of “writing prompt” and we can work on it together! Remember, this is PURPOSEFUL writing.

Tuesday is review day! Tuesday used to be my favorite day of the week because Buffy and Angel were playing, but now it is fun for a completely different reason! I plan on reviewing one book or article every week. My reading tends to lean toward YA and fantasy; however, if there is something else you would like reviewed, then send me a request! Just post in the comment section below the weekly review and I will get back to you! I wish I had a like-minded person read and review the Fallen series before I wasted my time reading the whole thing. I’ll tell you the good, the bad, and the awesome.

Wednesday is blog day! This is hopefully as close to journaling as I will get this year. Writers always encounter stress. Mine include my inability to understand semicolons, my obsession with unnecessarily killing my main characters, and the usual writers block. I’d love to know what stresses, or successes you encounter in your writing! And please, for the love of God, someone explain semicolons!

Thursday is resource day! What’s the point in writing a fantastic, mind-in-a-blender, explosion of awesome story if no one is going to read it? Well, this is where you’ll be able to look for upcoming writing contests, literary magazines that are looking for submissions and other such resources. Who knows? Maybe we can have our own writing contest someday! I also plan to put in inspirational things for people who are struggling and links to websites that are great for helping you get through the rough patches of story-telling. I guess you can say that this is the junk drawer of this website. The catch-all, if you will. My house is full of these, so why not my online home?

Friday is news day! And we shall also start every Friday with Rebecca Black. HA. Just kidding. We want to keep Friday as our favorite day of the week. We don’t want Thank God It’s Friday to turn into Shoot Me It’s Friday. Though, SMIF has a better ring to it than TGIF. SMIF… smiff… smurf… oh, that’s why. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the news. So there will be updates about writers in the news, upcoming readings and events in the Chicagoland area (because that’s where I live and Chicago is seriously underrepresented in the writing community), and other newsy things.

On an unrelated yet exceptionally important note, if you need something proofread (newsletters, regular letters, resumes, college papers, etc) then pretty please send them to me. I will trade my work for references.

Ready to get writing? Me too.


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