Idealism and the Doom of Humanity

Right, so this has absolutely nothing to do with literature, or anything really. It is just a good ole’ fashioned rant.

I was recently told that I am an idealist. I find that hard to believe considering how I think that mankind is a band of loathsome, self-absorbed creatures. We’re a race of three year olds holding a toy over a fellow playmate saying “Hahahaha, I have the toy and you don’t.”

I don’t think I’m an idealist at all. But just to make sure my understanding of idealism was correct (I often doubt myself on the commonest of knowledge), I did what any 21st century person would do: I Googled it.

An ideal, as defined by the internets and Wikipedia, “is a principle or value that one actively pursues as a goal, usually in the context of ethics.”


Maybe I am. But anyone who isn’t an idealist, then, is a jackass. I do believe that there is an image of perfection that we should always be striving to meet. Do I think that I will ever see this image of perfection in my lifetime or anytime before the sun obliterates humanity? No. But I think that any person who does not strive to be better, to do better, and make the world a more pleasant and liveable place, whether that is by picking up your drink cup after a show in the movie theater, or returning that call from that annoying person you occasionally force yourself to suffer through a conversation with, is contributing to the perpetual misery that has infected humanity. Your patience, your kindness, no matter how small, makes the world suck a little less. There is one less moment of disappointment, of sadness, of anger. Maybe it makes a difference, maybe it doesn’t. Who the fuck cares? Is it going to kill you to be nice to someone? Unless you have some unspeakable aversion to politeness (in which case you should be taken out and shot), then you have no excuse. Say thank you to that girl behind the counter. Put your iPhone down for TWO FUCKING SECONDS and have a conversation with the person you’re having dinner with.

Make the world a tiny bit better, asshole. At least you wont be to blame when it blows itself up.

I sounded like an idealist right there, didn’t I? Yup. Nailed it.

(In retrospect, this rant is probably hell-spawn created by my overwhelming hatred for my job in food service. *sigh*)


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